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As an accomplished business owner, you pour your heart and soul into your work, diligently saving and making wise investments along the way.

Yet, even with your undeniable success you still worry about the unpredictability of the market, complex tax laws, and the potential for unexpected expenses.

The reality is, many accomplished business owners still worry about their financial future.

But what if you had a dedicated team of experts who could confidently prepare you for any financial hurdles and protect your wealth no matter what conditions are thrown your way?

That’s where our wealth experts can help. At Lumos, we believe in providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is committed to preparing you for any financial hurdle and shielding your wealth, no matter what obstacles may come your way. Wealth is not just about accumulating money, it's about creating financial freedom and security for you and your loved ones.

Frequently asked questions about our wealth management services.

It combines financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, wealth protection, succession planning and family governance to protect and grow your wealth. It helps mid to high net worth individuals and families grow wealth, manage liability and achieve financial goals.

Having a wealth manager in your corner will help you navigate change while keeping your long-term interests in mind. A wealth manager is invaluable if:

  • You’re going through a major life transition such as a marriage, divorce, inheritance, or retirement.
  • You have a complex financial situation, such as a high net worth, multiple income streams, or a large portfolio.
  • You lack the time, expertise or interest in finance, but know it’s important.
  • You have goals you want to reach but can’t see the path to achieving them.
Some clients prefer to meet quarterly, while others prefer less frequent check-ins. We’ll work with you to determine the right frequency of meetings based on your needs, preferences, and availability.

Like any form of financial advice, investment and insurance advice to the trustees of SMSFs must be provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). We are licensed under Count Financial to provide you with advice beyond traditional SMSF accounting services (such as tax returns, administration of the fund and factual information about super and tax).

The short answer is, it depends. Every client is unique, that’s why we take time to get to know you before preparing a tailored plan and quote just for you.
We understand that life is unpredictable and your financial situation may change over time. That’s why we offer ongoing monitoring, support and adjustments to ensure that what you’re doing stays in tune with your goals and objectives so you can stay on track.

Wealth management can be a complex topic. What makes us different (and mighty good at what we do) is we bring 40+ years of experience to the table, have a proven track record of success, and specialise in supporting regional business owners. We customise every plan so it fits your needs and believe that transparency, communication, and education are key to a successful ongoing relationship. Learn more about our team and our approach.

Of course! If you have another question or want to get the ball rolling, please complete our enquiry form or book a free call. We’d love to chat and make sure we’re the perfect financial partner for you.

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Dr Bronwyn trusts us with her business.

“I’m grateful for your help. You have the most wonderful team and we’re lucky to be partnering with you.”

Our team helped Rural Doctors increase their profits by 30% in just one year.

Reap the rewards of engaging a wealth management team.

Expert Tax planning and management

Unlock the secrets of expert tax planning as our seasoned professionals work diligently to reduce your tax burden, optimising your financial outcomes and leaving more wealth in your hands.

Customised Investment Strategies

Experience the power of personalised investment strategies meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between risk tolerance and returns, setting your wealth on a path to flourish.

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring and Adjustment

Rest easy as our dedicated team vigilantly monitors and fine-tunes your portfolio, ensuring it remains steadfastly aligned with your ever-evolving goals and objectives, so you can confidently embrace the future.

Up-to-Date Guidance and Advice

Stay one step ahead with our timely guidance and astute advice on crucial financial decisions, from comprehensive estate planning to crafting a robust retirement strategy, empowering you to navigate life’s milestones with certainty.

Satisfaction in Reliable Professional Management

Experience true peace of mind as your wealth is entrusted to our reliable and proven professionals, who go above and beyond to safeguard and grow your assets, so you can revel in the satisfaction of a secure financial future.

Take confident steps towards your wealthy future

Ways we can support you

We work closely with you to understand your unique situation, your risk tolerance, and your long-term objectives before tailoring strategies to fit your needs and circumstances.

  • SMSF – Compliance
  • SMSF – Financial Planning
  • Wealth Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Cash Flow
  • Lifestyle Goal Setting
  • Aged Care Planning
  • Investment & Structuring
lumos advisory small business accounting tax & bookkeeping service for rural business owners, rural australian road 2
lumos advisory small business accounting tax & bookkeeping service for rural business owners, australian women checking crops
lumos advisory small business accounting tax & bookkeeping service for rural business owners, young family
lumos advisory small business accounting tax & bookkeeping service for rural business owners, australian women checking crops
lumos advisory small business accounting tax & bookkeeping service for rural business owners, young family

Take the first step towards securing your financial future and legacy.

Our team of financial and wealth advisors have years of experience helping clients get the peace of mind they need around their wealth, and we’re ready to help you too.

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Our name has changed, but we're still delivering the same exceptional guidance

Lumos Advisory unites the expertise of five renowned business advisory & accounting firms: Lever Group, Lever Financial Services, Enright Holmes, Grant & Brady, and Bloom Wealth & Finance.